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An old bungalow from the days of the "Raj-Gharana's" has been converted into a soulful journey for the experience lover. A gentle mussoorie wind brings rustic music to the garden abuzz with wild flowers and trees. Leaves whisper tales of doon to the wind, and the wind carries it far and wide.
For here, in the heart of doon, is a place like no other, offering an experience that can only be termed journeys of the soul to a garden of senses. Experience gourmet food and fine dining services in the most beautiful space in uttarakhand. Here at WIC India, Dehradun transforms from cultural capital to cuisine capital, a melting pot of fun times, fan tales and fantastic taste.

Parties, Exhibitions and Conference

Love sports, love drinks, love fun and games? then live the love at the sports bar at wic india dehradun. it is an underground hide out, perfect for a daily getaway, and to spend quality time with a group of friends.

Indoor Venues: Great Hall, World Stage

Outdoor Venues: The Woodside Lawn and Sky Terrace

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