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About WIC India

Wic india is an exclusive lifestyle center, offering Members a unique premium experience to indulge in Social, cultural, entertainment and recreational Activities such as arts, theater, music, sports, Dining, cinema, dance and events.
The center is the elite hub of social, cultural, Entertainment, recreational and business activity In uttarakhand. The center believes in an Integrated approach to community living and Upholds and promotes holistic happiness and Wellness of an individual and family as the Foundation of a peaceful society. In order to Achieve this, experiences at the center indulges Every aspect of your life ranging from community Experiences such as literature festivals and music Festivals, family experiences such as dining and Entertainment and individual experiences such as Health and fitness.


WIC India’s vision is to be a lifestyle boutique, offering its members a unique lifestyle experience through its various centers to indulge in social, cultural, entertainment, recreation and business activity through media such as arts, music, theater, sports, dining, cinema, events and programs, health and fitness, talks, debates and discussions. The Center promotes assimilation of all cultures and shall in principal practice neutrality and non-alliance with any stream of thought, any social or political organization, religion, sect or cult.


Integrity at the world integrity center represents “one world” held together by diversity. The center, Therefore, upholds diversity and plurality as the True form of integrity. Through our activities, Facilities, events and affiliations, we aspire to provide Different forms of entertainment, diverse ways of Seeking information and knowledge, multiple Avenues for social dialogue, various platforms and Centers to engage in artistic and creative expression, Facilities and opportunities to involve in sports and Games, avenues to socialize and a forum for social Networking, recreation and entertainment to create An integrated individual, an integrated family and Thereby, an integrated community