he World Integrity Center, India (WIC) located at Dehradun is the hub of social, intellectual, cultural, entertainment and business activity in Uttarakhand. WIC Center Style Magazine- Pan India – WIC India

WIC Center Style Magazine- Pan India

Following the stepping stone
“Oneness and togetherness”

WIC Center Style Magazine- Pan India: Maintaining the standards the WIC Center style Magazine will be in hands of elite society through our 53 affiliated clubs, governmental bodies, bureaucrats, corporate house across the global


This would be great opportunity for your brand to be amongst the niche of high income group of people.You shall be directly connected to your market. Extending this opportunity to all businesses, causes and initiatives through our wide membership network, affiliations network and outreach network.

One World:

We believe in bringing people and institutions together to create as many avenues as possible for communication and learning.


Understanding, develop and promote best for Best.
We “Great institution are built over time by devotion and care for people.”

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