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SAKANA – Modern Asian Cuisine Restaurant


SAKANA – Modern Asian Cuisine Restaurant

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Sakana offers you the authentic modern Asian upscale food that emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with fresh, healthy and aromatic ingredients that feature true Asian flavors for your palate. The name Sakana is an amalgamation of two words Saka (sake) and Na (food) which means the food that is eaten as an accompaniment to alcohol as originated. In Japan, when alcohol is consumed, it is a custom to accompany them with food. The term Sakana traditionally refers to the food that is served to accompany sake. Over the time Sakana also mean ‘Fish”. Sakana offers modern Asian upscale cuisine from all across Asia with a reflection of Asian feel in its ambience.


Seating capacity: 65 pax

Cuisine: South-Asian Cuisine

Timing11 AM-11 PM

Open all 7 days