he World Integrity Center, India (WIC) located at Dehradun is the hub of social, intellectual, cultural, entertainment and business activity in Uttarakhand. Mega Events – WIC India

Mega Events

WIC India believes in scripting a success story with a difference. Art, music, theatre, films, socio-culture program and entertainment programs have created a bench mark. Such roaring events are the signature events and have become an yearly affair. We are proud to bring in artists, authors, writers, musicians, dancers, doctors, businessmen, bureaucrats, corporate houses of the world frame to promote and facilitate and deliver the best.

Event Categories

Outreach-Socio cultural

“The Social Enhancement”

Through the book launches, reading , live performances by music masteros, by aesthitic and symbolic dance performances both in classical and western. Health care, threatre, art, celebrating festivity from all the cultures are some kind of initiatives by WIC INDIA

Outreach Entertainment

Affording pleasure, diversion, or amusement.

Specially organised, keeping in mind the value addition to one and all. World class artist from different fields stay, perform, interact, exchange experiences which leave the public spellbound with such amusing memories.

Member Entertainment

“Home away from home”

This community is an exclusivly nurtured by WICINDIA . Purposely selected sequences to celebrate togethereness keeping in mind the importance, relevance and impact.

Member Outreach

“ A vibrant community”

One World- DOCTORS, SPORTSMEN, ENGINEERS, EDUCATIONIST, BUREAUCRTS, ARTISTS, AUTHORS, WRITERS, and each one in robust debates, playing a game to being human, A SOCIAL COMPLIMENT.


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