The World Integrity Center, India (WIC) located at Dehradun is the hub of social, intellectual, cultural, entertainment and business activity in Uttarakhand. Under the Lychee Tree – WIC India

Under the Lychee Tree


Under the Lychee Tree

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A charming corner around the sole surviving Lychee Tree at WIC INDIA. The Lychee Tree is a symbol of Dehradun, and reminds us of golden summers spent eating sumptuous robust red sweet lychees.  The high chairs under the Lychee Tree are comfortable and convenient for discerning afternoons, and playful evenings.

Under the Lychee Tree lures romance, and friendship, and love and togetherness and is the ideal private spot, for friends and family to spend a full day and a full evening leaving the world behind. Over looking the round fountain, the spot fills your soul with wholesome love and joy.

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