he World Integrity Center, India (WIC) located at Dehradun is the hub of social, intellectual, cultural, entertainment and business activity in Uttarakhand. Baroque – WIC India




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Mesmerizing and majestic, this dining room draws you in to its depth. The colors are baroque inspired; Dark and ornamental. Overlooking an enclosed garden, this indoor space is formal and ornate. Baroque to its core, here, we offer the only fine dining experience in Uttarakhand.


Featuring world cuisine through authentic recipes from India, Japan, China, Thailand and Europe.


Specialties Featuring Garden Fresh Salads, Hot Teppenyaki, mouth watering seekh kebabs, thai delicacies, succulent continental steaks, flavourful oriental vegetables, handmade pasta dishes, fish and prawns and authentic biryanis.

Timings: 12 noon to 11 PM

Seating capacity: 45 – 55

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