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WIC India is an exclusive lifestyle center, offering members a unique premium experience to indulge in social, cultural, entertainment and recreational activities such as arts, theater, music, sports, dining, cinema, dance and events. The center is the elite hub of social, cultural, entertainment, recreational and business activity in Uttarakhand.

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The Center believes in an integrated approach to community living and upholds and promotes holistic happiness and wellness of an individual and family as the foundation of a peaceful society. In order to achieve this, experiences at the center indulges every aspect of your life ranging from community experiences such as literature festivals and music festivals, family experiences such as dining and entertainment and individual experiences such as health and fitness.

Our aim is to be a catalyst and promoter of intellectual and cultural activity throughout the country and internationally.

Providing a confluence of physical integrated environment that offers different forms of entertainment and avenues to socialize and engage in socio-cultural as well as recreational activities.

Promote understanding of people, cultures and communities of the world through arts, theatre, sports, literature, film and other mediums.

Bringing people together on a common knowledge sharing platform to change stereotypes, and create multiple avenues for learning.

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WIC India in Dehradun is located at Rajpur Road, the soulful center of colonial Dehradun. The Center houses state-of-the-art dining, lodging and recreational facilities for its members within its premises. It is centrally located, in the heart of the city and is a boutique of beautiful elements coming together.

Housed in a colonial building with gardens all around it, WIC India has been designed and created to fill one with the joy of beauty. Each corner of WIC India Dehradun offers the member a unique experience of joy and beauty.

Luxury has a new entry ticket- Membership to WIC INDIA Dehradun Club

Longing to share an ultra luxurious lifestyle among like minded people? Get access to the world class privileges across the finest clubs in India with WIC India Deheradun Club’s Premium membership.
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