The World Integrity Center, India (WIC) located at Dehradun is the hub of social, intellectual, cultural, entertainment and business activity in Uttarakhand. WIC India – World Integrity Center India, Dehradun
[highlighted heading=”NOW OPEN” description=”MANDARA –  Swimming Pool Complex – Only for Members” buttonlink=”” buttontext=”VISIT NOW”] [post_type heading=”UPCOMING EVENTS” post_types=”causes” ][/post_type] [events_container heading=”PROGRAMS & EVENTS”] [/events_container] [container class=”has_margin_bottom”] [row] [blog_container heading=”DINING AT WIC INDIA” ] [blog posts=”2″][/blog] [/blog_container] [sermon_container heading=”VIRTUAL TOUR” sermon_img_url=”” img_url=””] [/row] [/container] [donate heading=”MEMBERSHIPS” img_url=”” heading_donate=”Become a Member” description=”WIC INDIA DEHRADUN has a unique membership enrolment program. The goal of the membership program is to identify and enrol people interested in the pursuit of social, cultural and intellectual activity, and also to enrol those seeking high quality dining, recreational and entertainment facilities in Dehradun. Through this program, WIC INDIA DEHRADUN pays close attention to bringing together exceptional people, interested in enriching the socio-cultural environment at WIC INDIA DEHRADUN specifically and in Dehradun and Uttarakhand at large. Membership at WIC INDIA DEHRADUN is both a privilege and a responsibility, and gives people from all over the world a unique opportunity to engage in a vibrant socio-cultural environment. It is well suited for individuals, corporates , institutions, families and youngsters seeking to expand artistic, cultural and intellectual pursuits and for those seeking a fresh, constantly growing and rewarding recreational, entertaining social platform to become part of.” buttonlink=”” buttontext=”Apply Now→” ][/donate] [container class=”has-margin-bottom”] [section_title heading_number=”4″ ]OUR IMAGE GALLERY[/section_title] [row class=”img-gallery”] [gallerys img_url=””][gallerys img_url=””][gallerys img_url=””][gallerys img_url=””][gallerys img_url=””][gallerys img_url=””][gallerys img_url=””][gallerys img_url=””] [/row] [/container] [bible_container heading=”VISITORS AT WIC INDIA”][bible description=”The World Integrity Center India brings a rich diversity of cultural and intellectual experiences to the Dehradun valley.” name=”Stephen Alter, author of Becoming a Mountain.” ] [bible description=”I must confess, I have never had such a warm welcome and such a great hospitality experience on a book tour, like I had at WIC.” name=”Chetan D. Narain, President and CEO – Narains Corp ” ] [bible description=”I am grateful for the opportunity to have visited the WIC; it provides a crucial oasis for intellectual exchange and inquiry.” name=”Dr. Jonathan Gil Harris – Author of the book THE FIRST FIRANGIS” ][bible description=”Indeed, there could be no better place for the launch of a book for children” name=”Mr. Ranjit Lal – Author of the book OUR NANA WAS A NUTCASE” ] [/bible_container] [post_type post_types=”sermon” ][/post_type]